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January 26, 2009 at 7:32 pm (Uncategorized)

Image Generators
I was really excited about being able to do a manga one, but it won’t work on my PC so I’ll have to try at home. Hated the Image Chef one, but can at least see why it appeals to the yoof of today. Clearly I’m too old for Image Chef… In the end I went with the South Park generator, and here I am:


🙂 In short I tried to make me as a South Park character, and ended up with something a bit more flattering than expected even by me! You pick skin tone, eyes hair etc, which was easy enough, but the hard bit was selecting what clothes I’d be wearing. I chose not to dress myself as an American teenager and went the route of the silly instead, hence I’m in a dirndl. Clearly I do not dress that way in day-to-day life. Or at home. Or anywhere. Except if I was in South Park 🙂 Not sure whether this is tasteful enough for 25Things though ;D

Google Docs

This is rather funky 😀 Again one I had probs getting to work on my PC, but once I was in there and could share my documents, it was dead easy and quite a nice way to create something with someone else (and also to find out what Jane’s fave veggies are). I can see this would be useful for collaborative work between people who can’t meet up that easily in person, and might have probs with email inbox size etc, plus it is just a really funky tool 🙂


I’m a bad 25 Thinger. I’ve been following LibraryThing for quite a while on their blog, but have never mustered up the energy to join them. I did at one point join Shelfari (booo! Hissss!), but I just could never be bothered with it. I would much rather just be able to go and look on my bookshelves and find something by happy coincidence. I’m not really a book group person either. Maybe that comes from my degree background (English Studies), but I really have no desire to discuss what happens in a book to potentially the point where it loses all joy – after studying, most discussions seem to miss the point, or trivialise or over-interpret what goes on in the text, and certainly after meeting some authors, they’ve agreed that it happens rather frequently… I do think though that LT are doing some excellent work for the book world, and have really created a buzz in the way they view texts. I love the way they are striving for free information too 🙂

Having said all that bad stuff about online lists and book groups, I’ve set up my LibraryThing account 🙂 and my library is here. I’ve added some of my fave books on there so have a nosy and see whether you have the same taste or not. I quite like that some of my faves aren’t that popular – is that terrible? I don’t feel elitist or anything, I just like the idea that I’ve found an author whose work is still to be discovered by others and can promote a bit to others. That probably doesn’t sound how I mean it to sound still, but I’m a librarian – I like bringing information to those who haven’t found it yet!


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  1. ukemee said,

    I thought it was just me! I really expected to like this but got bored very quickly.

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