December 8, 2008 at 1:46 pm (Uncategorized)

I think I’ve used Technorati to check my own blog’s stats and who is linking to it, but I haven’t done that recently. I’ve not really looked at the other side of it, so it was quite fun to find out there is a knitting advent calendar on Lime and Violet’s website 😀

But, going back to the actual tasks rather than ones I made up 😉 Searching for Huddersfield brought up all kinds of goodies, including several references to ‘the inimitable’ Dave and his presentation at the Mashed Libraries thingy last week 🙂 and, probably unsurprisingly, references to pubs in the locale… 😀 Think that was just coincidence that Dave and pubs come up in the same result? But everyone else has probably had the same kind of results – a general search brings up lots of interesting posts across a wide range of blogs, but the blog results just brings up a load of people trying to flog stuff.

Finally I should add that in no way did I use Technorati to look up Strictly Come Dancing, although I might have hunted for some Mighty Boosh stuff, and also to see if anyone else had had any peppermint nightmares…


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