December 1, 2008 at 1:06 pm (Uncategorized) ()

I confess. I’m a sporadic tagger. I don’t tag my blog posts, but do tag my photos. I blog to share knowledge and experiences, but don’t share that knowledge very well beyond my faithful regular readers. I upload pics to Flickr mainly because I’m a Ravelry obsessive (if you are a fibre crafter, you should damn well know what Ravelry is (if you are but you don’t, Google it. It is ACE), and if you aren’t you really don’t want to know what it is ;D), which means that Flickr all too often gets used as a hosting tool and the sharing gets done in Ravelry. And I only tag things in Ravelry when I remember…

But I really need to fix this. Tagging is really really useful. What’s the point in sharing stuff online if people can’t find it without trawling through blog posts and their web browser growning under the weight of a million plus hits in their searches? I do kind of wonder whether there is a fine line between helpful tagging and not-at-all useful tagging. The searcher is only as good as the tags PLUS their own search technique, and the tagger only as good as their own knowledge and language. So, if you start tagging photos with ‘Techmology’ like my friend does, the likelihood of anyone you don’t know finding your photo on this basis is low. But, on the other hand, it can be quite funny 🙂

[wonders how many people will go and search Flickr for the tag Techmology and bump Heather’s photo views up through the roof. If you do go, highlights are the mangroomer, and the pasta sauce ‘with meat’]

That kind of went a bit random. And also a little bit philosophical. I hope you are suitably impressed at that considering it is Monday (although I had major issues typing the word philosophical).


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