RSS Rocks

November 24, 2008 at 1:25 pm (Uncategorized)

I’ve been playing with the feed search tools listed in the post for Thing 9, and have concluded that I hate 😦 It’s mainly because of the screen layout – I hate how much information they are trying to cram in on one page. I’ve never been a fan of 3 column pages, and this site is a prime example as to why. It is really really messy. I won’t say what terminology I’d use to describe it…

BUT Syndic8 is much nicer and more user friendly, cleaner, easy to search. I’ve already found a ton of feeds to add to my bloglines 😀

I’ve already mentioned that I have a LOT of feeds in my Bloglines collection, and that’s precisely why I like readers. I used to have all the same websites listed in my favourites, which was really an accident waiting to happen. If you upgrade or crash, you can lose them all. I could easily spend all night going through them checking for updates individually, but Bloglines tells me when each one is updated and I can save the pieces that interest me for future reference. I can set it up so that I just have short intros to the updates rather than picture heavy posts taking up loads of time downloading. I love my Bloglines. 🙂 The only problem I’ve had with Bloglines in the past is searching for specific blogs or people as a keyword – they haven’t always come up, but I’ve jumped off, searched Google and gone back with the direct link before.

In other words. RSS = good. Feeds = good. Bloglines = good. = yucky.



  1. ukemee said,

    I hate the Topix one too. But I didn’t much like Syndic8 so I’ll go back and have another look at it to see what you found good and I didn’t. I think I was in catch up mode and not spending enough time!

  2. bryonyramsden said,

    Ah, well, Syndic8 didn’t let me search very deeply, but it did find me a load of nice shiny new knitting blogs to read, which is why I liked it 😉 But I’m not 100% convinced that using it is any better than googling. I found another good feed finder though, but I’ve forgotten what it is called now 😦 Will have to hunt when I get 5 mins. But yeah, I liked Syndic8 is MUCH better than Topix…

  3. purchasingfairy said,

    knitting?? think I’ve found a soulmate!

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