Mashups and Flickry goodness

November 17, 2008 at 4:04 pm (Uncategorized)

Just as an aside, I have discovered I love tilt shift photography 😀 If you haven’t seen any, go and do a tag search for it – fab fab FAB effect.

Anyway, I never realises there were so many mashups and apps made with Flickr as a base! But being silly, I rather like the speller 😀 I should point out that I like the idea of the Trip Planner one, so might have a play with that next time I go somewhere, or even next time my mates come to the Hudd to see if I find somewhere new.

But to be silly here is my name in lights (ish). There is something really cool about seeing my name spelled out in random letters, and being able to play with them and swap them. Plus the crafter in me is drawn to playing with typography and I can see all kinds of crafty ways of using this for inspiration…

B R card disc with push out letter y McElman_071026_2445_O Dismantled Neon Letter Pewter Ransom Font y

Unfortunately, my blog theme breaks it on my screen. Someone teach me how to fix it please?



  1. desimeleon said,

    “my blog theme breaks it on my screen” have you tried firefox? – instead of IE
    your theme looks good from my end – firefox and safari on a MAC – Linda

  2. bryonyramsden said,

    I’ve heard the Firefox is better than IE anyway (as Microsoft are ‘evil’ ;D). But, I was thinking more along the lines of editing the stylesheet so the text column is wider, so that most browsers can see the changes.

    Any ideas on that side?

  3. desimeleon said,

    ahh editing code… not my area – I use the code others have written…I do mainly static images and go to Estelle or Vidya for the writing web stuff

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